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Welcome to JamesCity Circuit Court Clerk's Office.

Here you can search for public documents filed and follow the search for the case desired. For this you have to just follow below steps:
Enter the details for the desired document.
Pay for the selected documents.
Print non-certified documents and view certified documents.
Non-Certified Document Charges
Customized Transaction Access Fee per Transaction : $4.00

FEE per Page : $0.50
Certified Document Charges
Customized Transaction Access Fee per Transaction : $8.00
FEE for first Page : $2.50 thereafter fee per page : $0.50


Two emails will be received when an order is successfully placed:

  • - An auto-generated receipt that gets voided later
  • - An order confirmation email that has the request details and order number. If you do not receive the confirmation receipt, please call customer support at 1800-207-6807.

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In the world of automated systems and climbing fuel costs, it is really...

Order Request Instruction
We do not process orders for District Court documents. Please verify that your documents are filed in the County Court . If you attempt to order District Court documents, there will be a charge of $4 as a processing cost and this fee will not be refunded.

Requested documents will be available online. THEY DO NOT COME IN YOUR U.S. MAIL.

If you need a certified copy of two separate documents, please make a separate request for each one. You can order both documents by making two separate requests in one order. There is a 'Continue Shopping' button for this purpose.

For Certified Document(s) 30 days and Non-Certified Document(s) 60 days will be valid from the date of the document(s) are processed.

Sealed or confidential documents are not available through this site.

Document requests will be processed during the County Court business days/hours. Document turnaround time will be 24 hours to 48 hours depending upon which day the order is placed.

Older documents that must be retrieved from microfilm or archive may take more than 48 hours to be processed.

YOU CANNOT USE OUR CERTIFIED DOCUMENTS AT THE SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE OR THE DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES. You will need an embossed or color-sealed copy obtained by a mail-in request to the County Court Court Clerk for those agencies.

Please note that for any agency to accept the document the user should print all the pages of the certified document.

Need Technical Support ?

Need Technical Support ? Write us at Technical Support OR Send us Feedback Call us at : (805) 964-3535, Toll Free No: 1-800-207-6807
Support Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific time
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